Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I was always certain the 'Species' on Star Trek were really Metaphores...

the Vulcans were definitely fashioned after the Buddhists.. Buddhism is NOT a religion, it is based on a single "Logical Posit", the Four Noble Truths. basically.. Suffering in this world is a given, there is a cause, if there's a cause, there is a cure, the cure is the Middle 8 Fold Path.

There is no faith involved in Buddhism. It is an Option to Suffering, if you're is interested try it, if it works.. you are one of the few lucky ones who can meditate 10 minutes a day. if it doesn't work, you don't burn in hell forever and no one will Murder you.

i see the Star Trek Federation as a group of individuals who are like minded in their quest for knowledge. i see them, as a group, being Free of the Constraints of any religion thus free to search the Stars for the Truth... and with a little Taoism thrown in, they cant risk derailing others on a different path. They have the Prime Directive... best explained by a Lakota Spiritual Teacher, "I cant tell you the Dreams/Visions I've had on my path, because when it comes time for you to dream your path, you will have my dream instead. we must all walk in our own Dreams. What we do is prepare situations/rituals for you to have your own experiences to learn from".

those were the easy ones.. what do you think of the others