Sunday, May 16, 2010

I remembered one Redeeming quality in Islam..

I remembered one Redeeming quality in Islam..
when i was in North West Africa in an Islamic Republic in the Peace Corps '73 you got small change in in CFR Aluminum Coins. You couldn't spend them.. you had to give them to the poor. they could buy things with them and then the coins when back to the upper classes.. round and round. it sounds good, but does nothing but sustain the cycle of poverty, barely considering the number of dead bodies in the street every morning that died in the night, finally, of disease or starvation.

Dakar was a huge city if 800,000 where the vast majority of its residents used only the general public toilet.. the street, people just crapped in the street off the curb. the civilized toilet was a hole in the floor, the upper class models had a porcelain insert with foot pads that helped aim your ass over the hole. but they all had an old rusty can half full of brown water to "Wash" your left hand that was prescribed by the Prophet to wipe you butt with. the Flies were everywhere, and never quit try'n to get in your eyes.

why does Islam not join the 21st Century..? because they Revere the 7th Century.. today's poverty is actually an improvement on the living standards of medieval times.

"snip...One would have to regrettably conclude that although the Islamic world is capable of rising from its squalor, it prefers to languish in it because of the belief that salvation lies in being true to a 7th century doctrine. In doing so it rejects every meaningful thing that modernity offers...snip"

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